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umm ur rules confused.. and i don't know wtf im posed to put here so yeah.. and im lazy so oh well

The Vital Statistics

Name: Whitney
Sex: Female
Where Your Crib Is At: Illinois
Random fact about your childhood?: I fell head first into a coffee table when I was 5

Your money or your life

Coffee or Tea?: Tea... Coffee taste like shit
Jesus or Buddha?: Jesus... Becuz I fuckin said so :)
Chess or Checkers?: Checkers... don't kno how to play chess
Football or Elephant Polo?: Football cuz...

Your opinions

What do you think of religion?: Im a full blown christian... So.. Lets see... I'm all for it and im going to HEAVEN haha
... And cloning?: Umm... I don't have any thoughts on cloning... Just don't clone any people i don't like.... Cuz.. that'd make my life SHIT
Who do you admire most?: My baby... :) and Music
Who do you hate most?: You... :) No I don't hate anybody....
What issue(s) worry you the most?: Ummm I dont have any issues....
Are you afraid of dying?: Nope sure am not


Favourite band(s): AC/DC, aus rotten, bad religion, black flag, catch 22, dead kennedys, drop kick murphys, five iron frenzy, flogging molly, lower class brats, mad caddies, me first and the gimme gimmes, misfits, nofx, Pennywise, plasmatics, reel big fish, social distortion, subhumans, the adverts, the exploited, the slits, voodoo glow skulls, the toasters, the clash, the distillers, total chaos, the skatalites, old no doubt, pat benatar, the beatles, eve, tlc, cake, cat stevens, fleetwood mac, blondie, cradle of filth, elton john, bright eyes, jets to brazil, joan jett, heart, heart, madonna, Deadsy, disturbed, forighner, guns n roses, HIM, Janis Joplin, Kittie, KMFDM, KoRn, Led Zepplin, manson, meat loaf, metallica, MSI, nirvana, Orgy, otep, pantera, pink floyd, ramstein, rush, scarling, shadows fall, sisters of mercy, slayer, smile empty sould, static x, system of a down, the doors, the rolling stones, tom petty, tool, type o negative, alice in chains, mudvayne, mott the hoople, ben folds five, mushroom head, alan jackson, lil whyte, lil flip, bard paisley, ben kweller, tim mcgraw, faith hill, gretchen wilson, Jay z, Lil Jon and the eastside boys, Usher, Montgomery gentry, nick cannon, rascal flats, shawnna, the w's, three 6, the w's, TI, toby keith, ying yang twins, trick daddy, r kelly
Favourite book(s): A child called it, Midnight Predator
Favourite film(s): Secerte window, Donnie Darko, Catch me if you can, Dazed and Confused, Weekend at bernies, mommie dearest...
Favourite food(s): Ummmmmm
Favourite show(s): Like t.v. shows... or shows i've been to....??
Favourite website(s):
Favourite word(s): thats a stupid question no offense
Favourite pastimes/hobbie(s): Hanging down at tylers

Use Yer Imaginoodle

The Oxford Dictionary has approached you, asking for a brand new word. What would that word be, what would it mean, and why did you pick it?:

Darth Vader has just shown up in his pimp-ass spaceship, and wants to know if you'd like to come with him on an intergalactic journey, which will last for many years. What three items do you take, and what food is in your packed lunch?: I'd deny going with him..... Now if it was Luke Skywalker.... Or Jar Jar Binks i'd be like SHIT YEAH LETS GO... But fuck him... Or shit.. if it was chewbacha... lol *sp* on all those names

You've just bought an abandoned shop in your local town centre, and the council are giving you unlimited funding. What do you make your new space into?: Head shop... cuz all of our head shops in this town have been shut down and we need another one....

Fuck the Looks, Dear

|| there ya go... lol im lazy... deal.. if ya dont want me.. in here.. then OH WELL :) lol much love

Begging Bastards

Promote us in one place: i will in a sec....
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