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stamped | hey, let's be active!

hello, this is my attempt at being active and encouraging others.

i just recently went to see mindless self indulgence twice in one weekend, and i'm in a real music/stage mood.

so, what was the best show you've ever been to?
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What, just in general? I think it was probably either Bloc Party, Faithless or Interpol.
the libertines last at october at the opera house in toronto.

fucking amazing. pete-less, but still absolutely mind-blowing.
Im not gonna go for a band and just say 'The Phantom of the Opera' on stage coz it was amazing..
went to see green day in febuary and they rawked my sox. =)
A while ago I would have said The Ataris 'cause it was just such a great night! But I'm afraid that's 2nd best now 'cause Taking Back Sunday in January was just amazing. The support bands were great and the energy those guys gave on stage was superb, really got the crowd going and it just has to be my best gig so far! <3

The Rolling Stones in Bangalore, India, no questions, hands down best damn show of my life. There were monks and hippies and crazy people all over the place!
lucky you!!!!!
I would say the Killers / Bloc Party / Futureheads / Kaiser Chiefs multishow. Rawked my sox. And they were, at the time, four of my favourite bands.

Either that or The Hives in October 2004. *(: