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Finally Got To Apply After The Many Hurdles!

The Vital Statistics

Name:  Kelly Belly Bubble Gum Jelly
Sex: I be female =)
Where Your Crib Is At:
Coatbridge, unfortunately but hopefully not for much longer!
Random fact about your childhood: I have one brother. I was/am a spoiled child but not pure mega “I’m better than you” spoiled. I started archery when I was 10 and still do it to this day. My favourite childhood toy was my massive dolly hahaha!

Your money or your life

Coffee or Tea?: Coffeeee! It tastes good, tea is only coloured boiled water so has no taste unless you add loads of sugar and then it’s too sweet!
Jesus or Buddha?: Jesus, he’s part of my religion so I know most about him
Chess or Checkers?: Chess all the way! The pieces are pretty and you can get Simpson’s chess! DO YOU SEE SIMPSON’S CHECKERS?!
Football or Elephant Polo?: Felepant polo ’cause they’re so cool and cute and scary! And football’s boring!

Your opinions

What do you think of religion?: I like it, I think it’s good to have something to believe in.
... And cloning?: Clothing’s always a good thing. And you can get some seriously hawt clothes! So I’m all for it =P
Who do you admire most?: Umm… people who stand up for what they believe in no matter what and people who aren’t ashamed of what they are.
Who do you hate most?: Ehh… YOU!! Naaw I’m kiddin! I guess people who pretended to be my friend and I opened up to them and they threw it all back in my face.
What issue(s) worry you the most?: Failing my exams, Dying alone, Never finding someone, Apocalypses, Loosing a loved one and Umm… teen pregnancies!
Are you afraid of dying?: In a way yeah ‘cause I dunno what happens after you die but everyone’s gotta go through with it sometimes so…


Favourite band(s): TBS, MCR, FFAF, Yellowcard, Goo Goo Dolls, Hanson to name but a few.
Favourite book(s):
Darren Shan, Harry Potter and The Bell Jar.
Favourite film(s):
“Inside I’m Dancing”, “The Incredibles” (‘cause I’m in it), “Idle Hands” and “
Pearl Harbour
Favourite food(s):
Chinese, Indian, Italian, unhealthy stuff, homemade stuff and LOLLYPOPS!
Favourite show(s):
Charmed, Life As We Know It, Desperate Housewives, Buffy.
Favourite website(s):
LJ I guess and umm… other random sites that I go on… randomly
Favourite word(s):
Hippopotamus ‘cause it’s fun to say, pyjamas ‘cause it’s also fun to say and Mississippi ‘cause it’s fun to spell.
Favourite pastimes/hobbie(s):
Writing stuff, listening to music, reading and archery.

Use Yer Imaginoodle

Oxford Dictionary has approached you, asking for a brand new word. What would that word be, what would it mean, and why did you pick it?: Lazmeca – Ancient book on the rise and fall of demons. Some say it’s myth, others say different.

And it’s really not =) I own it and had to name it one day so picked random numbers and changed them to letters, I’m a genius!

Darth Vader has just shown up in his pimp-ass spaceship, and wants to know if you'd like to come with him on an intergalactic journey, which will last for many years. What three items do you take, and what food is in your packed lunch?: My phone with unlimited credit and charge, a book ‘cause he’s probably bore me after a while and clothes so I can show those star people what a great fashion sense I have. 

Tuna sandwich, cranberry and raspberry juice, sugary badness and strawberries all because I’m just so cool!

You've just bought an abandoned shop in your local town centre, and the council are giving you unlimited funding. What do you make your new space into?: A shop that sells all the essentials like make-up, clothes, DVDs, CDs, concert tickets, jewellery, sweeeeets! and boys (a) =P

Fuck the Looks, Dear

Draw a Picture of Yourself Using MSPaint. Make it as realistic or unrealistic as you wish. And include labels for all unusual features of your work of art:

Haahaa! Wee (bad) pic of me with my tiara and wanting a hug. HUG ME DAMNIT!!

Image hosted by

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