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so basically the ironic theme of these banners is that the characters in them; buddy jesus, gi joe & optimus prime- are plastic. go figure

This a RATING community, based on mostly looks, style, and personality. We're looking for people who are well rounded, articulate, opinionated, and pretty.

We know you're jealous if you come here to troll. We know we are pretty and you are losers. So we suggest you get a life, ugly.

Fuck that shit! Here at fortytwozero, we rate on things that matter. Who cares if you look like a pigmonkey on steroids? Not us! If you're sick of rating communities where the size of your assets or the width of your smile matters, you've come to the right place. And once you've joined and been accepted, this community won't just sit on your friends page, gathering dust. Ooooh no. We have weekly themes, and new members joining all the time, so we're more than just a pretty face. Unlike some rating communities.

Applicant Rules

1.Your application can be either friends only or public, depending on how paranoid you are.
2. Use an LJCut when applying with the title "[a song title of your choice] in my pants" so we know you read the rules. ;)
3. No voting on entries until you are accepted or you will be killed. Possibly.
4. Post your application whenever it is ready.
5. Fill out the application & take your time.
6. You must be at least 3 to apply, unless you're really hawt.
7. When applying, your application can be in any font and colour you like. As long as it isn't size 7 moving Comic Sans. ):
8. Make sure your answers are not one-worded and have developed reasoning. Otherwise you'll just look like a retard.
9. After posting your application, the votes will be counted 2 - 4 days later, depending on the amount of people who have voted, and the availability of the mod. Yes > No = Accepted. And I think you can guess what No > Yes is equal to.
10. One new idea we have is the 'pass' system. Does the next question look like it is pretty dull or boring? Or maybe you've never read a book before? You can pass it.
You may only pass one question in the whole application.

Members (AKA Cool Kids) Rules

1. Stay active & rate other applicants. Please? ):
2.Be as opinionated as you want & be HONEST. We kick ass.
3. You can promote us, if you like. If you think this community gets pretty dull after a few weeks/months of membership, I'm not going to force you to do something I should be doing.
4. You may promote other communities here. But only if they are cool. No 'RATE MY EMO' or 'FROSTY TEARS' crap. :)
5. When voting for a new applicant, title your comment YES or NO or DEVELOPMENT PLZ. 'DEVELOPMENT PLZ' means you'd like to hear a bit more from this applicant- maybe they didn't convince you enough, but didn't do anything wrong. This means you can press some questions (of your choice) to them, to help you decide. When voting with 'YES' or 'NO' please give reasons backing up your choice. No full stops or blank spaces. I urge y'all to be honest and opinionated, and come down like a sixty ton pile of bricks on anyone who hasn't followed the rules.

The Application

The Vital Statistics

Name: (can just be your first name or your full name, or your government alias, whatever floats your boat)
Sex: (male, shemale, or yes please?)
Where Your Crib Is At: (essex? texas? ireland?)
Random fact about your childhood?:

Your money or your life

Coffee or Tea?: (please, give reasons for all of your answers in this section)
Jesus or Buddha?:
Chess or Checkers?:
Football or Elephant Polo?:

Your opinions

What do you think of religion?:
... And cloning?:
Who do you admire most?: (famous or not famous, it's all good =D)
Who do you hate most?:
What issue(s) worry you the most?:
Are you afraid of dying?:


Favourite band(s):
Favourite book(s):
Favourite film(s):
Favourite food(s):
Favourite show(s):
Favourite website(s):
Favourite word(s):
Favourite pastimes/hobbie(s):

Use Yer Imaginoodle

The Oxford Dictionary has approached you, asking for a brand new word. What would that word be, what would it mean, and why did you pick it?:

Darth Vader has just shown up in his pimp-ass spaceship, and wants to know if you'd like to come with him on an intergalactic journey, which will last for many years. What three items do you take, and what food is in your packed lunch?:

You've just bought an abandoned shop in your local town centre, and the council are giving you unlimited funding. What do you make your new space into?:

Fuck the Looks, Dear

Draw a Picture of Yourself Using MSPaint. Make it as realistic or unrealistic as you wish. And include labels for all unusual features of your work of art:

Begging Bastards

Promote us in one place: (This is completely optional, but brownie points will be awarded for people who are thoughtful enough)