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you WILL vote yes.

The Vital Statistics

Name: dot
Sex: "female" isn't an option?
Where Your Crib Is At: southern california
Random fact about your childhood?: i fixed my own breakfast, worked the VCR, and spoke two languages before i turned three. after i turned 13 i pretty much forgot how to do all of that. well, except speaking english.

Your money or your life

Coffee or Tea?: tea has more variety in its flavours, so i'll have to go with tea.
Jesus or Buddah?: you misspelled buddha. i think i would be good friends with both, but i don't follow either.
Chess or Checkers?: chess is more complicated, and i'm a masochist, so YAY CHESS!!
Football or Elephant Polo?: what the hell is elephant polo? . . . i choose elephant polo., because i don't fear change!

Your opinions

What do you think of religion?: if it'll keep you from doing bad things to other people, then rock on with it. if it drives you to do the bad things, there's a major problem.
... And cloning?: well, it's been happening since the advent of MTV, hasn't it? zing!
Who do you admire most?: my grandma!! she's the coolest woman alive. she likes to throw food and talk to plants.
Who do you hate most?: it's a tossup between steve oedekerk and carrot top. i love to laugh, but i hate when comedy is done very poorly.
What issue(s) worry you the most?: tough call. i think i'd say in general that the united states is moving toward an uncomfortable level of social conservatism. it may be cheating, because that encompasses views on abortion, religion and homosexuality, but it's a big sweeping movement that really wigs me out and makes me nervous.
Are you afraid of dying?: yes, because once i die i pretty much can't be afraid of anything else.


Favourite band(s): ole stand-bys include weezer, the pixies, oingo boingo, radiohead, queen. current loves include mindless self indulgence, the bravery, of montreal, and metric.
Favourite book(s): white oleander, house on mango street, dangerous angels, slapstick
Favourite film(s): fight club, nightmare before christmas, amélie, the evil dead trilogy, braindead (dead alive), sixteen candles, many many many others
Favourite food(s): sushi! potatoes, steak, fettucine, ice cream, cornbread.
Favourite show(s): the fresh prince of bel-air (which is on right now, yay), saved by the bell, drew carey show. i really miss adult swim.
Favourite website(s): right now, the lonely island and gprime.net. check 'em out!
Favourite word(s): a lot of profanities, mostly, and also the word "viscera"
Favourite pastimes/hobbie(s): writing, reading, talking, playing guitar, going to shows

Use Yer Imaginoodle

The Oxford Dictionary has approached you, asking for a brand new word. What would that word be, what would it mean, and why did you pick it?:
scrumptrulescent -- "of a nature so great, amazing, and incredible that a word should be made up to describe it." i jacked that from an episode of saturday night live where will ferrell was james lipton of inside the actor's studio.

Darth Vader has just shown up in his pimp-ass spaceship, and wants to know if you'd like to come with him on an intergalactic journey, which will last for many years. What three items do you take, and what food is in your packed lunch?:
i love that darth vader's spaceship is "pimp-ass," yo. i'm picturing flames painted on the sides, his own turntables, a full bar, and a room for doing pilates.
but hey, why are you assuming i'd go on the intergalactic journey in the first place? i mean, what if i said no? i wouldn't have the burden of trying to imagine what to bring! but anyway, since you've forced me . . .
i'd bring my cell phone (it has a camera and no roaming charges), lots and lots of burt's bees lipbalm, and my boyfriend. i'm only NOT bringing my iPod because if vader's ship is truly pimp, he's got sweet-ass high-speed internet and i can download all the music i want.
my packed lunch would contain several makes of hand-rolled sushi, complete with pickled ginger for the palate, one of those yummy whipped yogurt packs, some string cheese, a nice ripe navel orange, a bottle of water.

You've just bought an abandoned shop in your local town centre, and the council are giving you unlimited funding. What do you make your new space into?:
a 24-hour bookstore, record store, coffee shop and game room. and you know why? BECAUSE OUR TOWN NEEDS ONE, DESPERATELY. i'm so tired of staying at the same 24-hour diners! they're even closing the 24-hour grocery stores! i'm running out of places to hide!!!

Fuck the Looks, Dear

Draw a Picture of Yourself Using MSPaint. Make it as realistic or unrealistic as you wish. And include labels for all unusual features of your work of art:

Begging Bastards

Promote us in one place: i did, but don't think of me as a kiss-ass for doing so.
trust me on this.
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