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The Vital Statistics

Name: Sarah
Sex: female
Where Your Crib Is At: Toronto (ish)
Random fact about your childhood?: I had a housecoat that I carried around and chewed on. =/

Your money or your life

Coffee or Tea?: Tea. It's fucking good.
Jesus or Buddah?: Jesus. Because he's not as fat as Buddha? Okay, seriously, I don't really care for either.
Chess or Checkers?: Wizard's Chess.
Football or Elephant Polo?: hmm. I've never thought about that. But I like elephants, so elephant polo.

Your opinions

What do you think of religion?: I think it's fine if someone follows their faith, just so long as they don't shove it in my face too much.
... And cloning?: It's pretty gross if you think about it.
Who do you admire most?: John and Gary Libertine for putting up with all the Pete'n'Carl drama. Ha.
Who do you hate most?: Ashlee Simpson.
What issue(s) worry you the most?: The fact that there are little girls who actually go out and spend their money on Ashlee Simpson CDs. It's sort of cliche, but probably the whole debate in Canada about whether or not to legalise gay marriage. Or the fact that the new Pope is really terrifying.
Are you afraid of dying?: yes


Favourite band(s): The Libertines. Pulp. the Beatles. Blur. the Futureheads. Razorlight. Franz Ferdinand. Bloc Party. Hope of the States.
Favourite book(s): Harry Potter. Catcher in the Rye. Polaroids From the Dead. Girlfriend in a Coma (okay, I'm still reading it, but it's good).
Favourite film(s): Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Favourite food(s): Ice cream.
Favourite show(s): The Wedge. The Price is Right.
Favourite website(s): LJ, ,
Favourite word(s): 'cheddar'. 'spiv'.
Favourite pastimes/hobbie(s): playing guitar. lurking around on eljay.

Use Yer Imaginoodle

The Oxford Dictionary has approached you, asking for a brand new word. What would that word be, what would it mean, and why did you pick it?: Jarvgasm: a combination of 'Jarvis' and, well, I'm sure you can figure it out. I picked it because I use it a lot, so it might as well be an official word, no?

Darth Vader has just shown up in his pimp-ass spaceship, and wants to know if you'd like to come with him on an intergalactic journey, which will last for many years. What three items do you take, and what food is in your packed lunch?: my light sabre. my cd player. my CDs. lunch = ice cream. preferably strawberry.

You've just bought an abandoned shop in your local town centre, and the council are giving you unlimited funding. What do you make your new space into?: Probably a random thrift store that would sell anything and everything.

Fuck the Looks, Dear

Draw a Picture of Yourself Using MSPaint. Make it as realistic or unrealistic as you wish. And include labels for all unusual features of your work of art:

Begging Bastards

Promote us in one place: I'll put it in my LJ later. Hee.
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