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Okay, so we now have ten members! Not bad for 24 hours, eh gang? ;)

So anyway, moving on, anyone who joins now will be rated. When voting for a new applicant, title your comment YES or NO or DEVELOPMENT PLZ. 'DEVELOPMENT PLZ' means you'd like to hear a bit more from this applicant- maybe they didn't convince you enough, but didn't do anything wrong. This means you can press some questions (of your choice) to them, to help you make a decision. When voting with 'YES' or 'NO' please give reasons backing up your choice. No full stops or blank spaces. I urge y'all to be honest and opinionated, and come down like a sixty ton pile of bricks on anyone who hasn't followed the rules. Next week will be the start of the themes- don't worry, none of them involve cam-whoring or dressing up. (:

Promoting is encouraged and appreciated, as always.
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